Wednesday, November 07, 2012


I feel like I've been in a funk lately.  Snappy, grumpy, tired, short tempered and just not pleasant to be around.  The other day{s} I was yelling at the kids to stop yelling, snapping at Kylie to stop having a bad attitude and then losing it with Jayden for losing his temper. I needed to change and when I came across this quote the next day I knew it was meant for me:

"We should set [our children] an example that we wish them to imitate.  Do we realize this?  How often we see parents demand obedience, good behavior, kind words, pleasant looks, a sweet voice and a bright eye from a child or children when they themselves are full of bitterness and scolding!" 
-Brigham Young

It's something I need to constantly remind myself, along with finding joy and gratitiude each and every day.  Today it was these smiles that helped turn my frown upside down.


Dr. Mulder said...

Can I just add that the day after election, EVERYONE was in a funk. Jason said every patient that came in was snappy or depressed, even his super calm partner got on the office manager and other employees at their clinic. I know I was short with my kids, or I was crying. Um, I LOVE this picture! I never take bath time pictures anymore! You've inspired me. This year, I WILL get at least one bath time picture!

Chris and Sally said...

I hear you sister! Right before I read this I was yelling at Brooke to stop crying and yelling at the others to be nice! I definitely needed to hear those words of wisdom. Thank you. And it's nice to hear sometimes that other girls have bad attitudes. I feel like its just mine. :)

Jodee said...

So true. I wish i wouldn't forget and slump back into my old ways but somehow it always happens. I guess we just have to keep trying each day.

Janessa said...

JUST what I needed! I was yelling at my kids on the way to school this morning about how there's to much yelling in our home. I was consumed with guilt as I was saying it. I'm ready for a fresh new start when they get home from school! Here's to a great weekend:)

Chelsea said...

great quote! cute pic, cute kids!