Friday, November 30, 2012

 kickin' Monday's booty before Monday kicks mine*it's never too early for Christmas movies and hot chocolate, even if it is only the beginning of November*took these two cute girls out for a late night McDonald's run after baby-sitting*love seeing Jason doing the dad thing*baba, mr. tiger and his snuggles are a morning staple*some little people didn't get the memo that Saturdays are for sleeping in*got a run, garage sale-ing and the park all in before 8:00am*all bundled up*somebody thinks he's too big for the baby swings
 doing piourettes in the ladie's lingerie department*not sure about the carousel*channeling my inner candy cane at church*my partner in crime in sneaking the kids' halloween candy*jumping into the laundry pile is way more fun than doing laundry*so is doing laundry angels*he loves kissing himself in the mirror, sweet boy*baking cookies and listening to Christmas music with my favorite little elves*eating leftover turkey noodle soup and pumpkin pie shakes with the Andersons should be a new tradition
loved having Jessica visit, beautiful girl and such a fun aunt*little ornament thief*winter thinks he is fall*hitch hiker*he beat me at horse and I wasn't even going easy on him*discovering that ducks dig cheeze-its and I dig these boys*someone could use a lesson with chopsticks*beautiful night to feed the ducks*my beautiful girl


Janessa said...

I always love to see your sammy pics! You are just so darn good at this whole photography thing! I'm lucky just to be related to you:)

Jessica 洁玲 said...

love the collage of pics! you're amazing, jamie!