Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mary, Mary quite contrary... 

Our Arizona garden was the complete opposite of the Little Red Hen. Jason did all the work and I reaped all the garden fresh tomato sandwiches that my tomato loving heart desired. It was a good set up, at least for me, so I am surprising myself with how much I am really enjoying getting my fingernails dirty.  Especially when I'm the assistant gardener and the self proclaimed head gardener wears a super hero cape, red butterfly gloves and believes that the best water comes from an elephant shaped watering can.  And insists on planting a lemon tree with seeds from a lemon, and insists on planting carrots so that he can pull them up from the stem and eat them out of the side of his mouth like Bugs Bunny, and insists on consulting his gardening book prior to planting tomatoes, and insists that all caterpillars will be immediately evacuated from the premises, but there is an open door policy for worms.  This boy is just all sorts of awesome. There really is a lot to be said about being outdoors getting nice and dirty right along side your kids while being productive at the same time.  I'm really digging this whole gardening thing (lame pun intended).

Grandma Judy is the real head gardener and she is also the one who spoiled Maddox with the gloves and watering can.  He's a big fan of Grandma Judy.  We all are. (as a side note, Maddox is wearing his school uniform which means two things 1) Being able to wear sweats to school every day was my dream senior year 2) he has started school visits and will be starting all day as a new entrant when we get back from break. I'm having some serious issues with this. We'll discuss it more later).

And in other news...Ryder moved out of his 4x4 port-a-crib and into a big boy bed. I always imagined moving my last baby into a big bed would be quite ceremonial.  Instead I realized while cleaning his room that his "crib" was just a hub for all of his toys and between all the cars and the stuffing he keeps pulling out of his pillow, there really isn't much room for him to sleep.  So I packed it up. And that was it.

We are all a little spoiled to have dad come home for lunch a couple days a week.  Some of us are downright giddy about it.

Kylie's teacher emailed me to let me know that Kylie was going to be receiving an award at the weekly assembly and I was invited to come.  She was so embaressed and begged me not to go.  Like any good mom, I ignored her and went.  She decided she was glad that I came after all because her friends said they liked the way I dressed. I guess we've officially reached that stage in life where your mom can make or break your social standing.  I was surprised when Jayden got an award too, so I was extra glad that I showed up.  And last but not least, Jayden finally got his cast off.  Sitting with all four kids through those weekly doctor appointments to get it x-rayed were the death of me, oh, and Jayden is pretty happy to have it off too. 


Allie said...


If you have one of those map things on your blog...don't get freaked out about someone from Richardson, TX who has been on your blog for like AN HOUR!

It's just me-Allison...who you don't really even know! But we hung out a few times back in the BYU days...I married Austin (Jason's roommate at Liberty Square) and was friends with Jason from our freshman year days and Jason liked to take all the credit for us getting together! ...so even if that doesn't ring a bell just know it isn't a complete crazy reading about ya'll!

Craig called Austin a few days ago about something or other and mentioned that "Jason and his family had moved to New Zealand". I was reading 71toes tonight and wanted to see what the mean comments were that she had mentioned and saw that a Jaime Y. had left her a very nice comment and had mentioned moving to New Zealand. I thought "Could it be?" and checked and what-do-you know?

Austin and I loved looking at how you and Jason haven't aged ONE BIT and at how adorable your kiddos are.

So don't be freaked out. Just old friends who do a lousy job of staying in touch were on your blog :)

We hope all is well and that many, many good things come your way!

Janessa said...

Jame, I am just about to dye with cuteness overload! Between the whole gardening get up and his I'm-about-to-burst smile in the picture with Jason, I just don't think I can handle any more cuteness! What are you going to do with out that little mug around all day long??? I am loving your little garden. And I am loving that Grandma Judy is taking such good care of you guys. I hope you thank her and hug her regularly for me. Ryder is such a stinkin cute big boy in his big boy bed! Hope he does good to stay in through the night. Yay for Kylie and Jayden. Yay for you for being the cool mom. That's a big score! You'll have to tell me more about what they got their awards for. Love and miss you all tons!!!

Ali said...

Hello Down Under,

You give your kids the sorts of experiences that we had that still mean so much that many parents (most?) don't seem to do any more. Getting dirty together in the garden (or camping, picnicking, whatever) remains one of my most cherished family memories. Your kids too will be forever grateful!!

Happy days to you Jamie,
Ali (still laughing at your healthy p.b. popcorn)

Tyson and Dawn Jolley said...

I love Maddox, what else is there to say?! I'm going to make him his own room in my house to keep him when you get back!
There school uniforms are really sweats? Thats awesome!

Jodee said...

Ah yeah! The cool mom for sure! I love that. And your kids have just hit the jackpot in the grandma department! What a fantastic bonus Grandma to have there. I love her already. Such cute pics as always!

Brian and Kelsey said...

Ok maddox kills me! He is too cute!