Saturday, October 05, 2013

Spring break part 1 of 500 

If there's one thing I've learned, besides that you can water down mascara with saline solution when you're not quite ready to pay $25 for a new tube and that there's always room in the budget for Tip-Top ice cream, it's that the weather is so predictabley unpredictable.  It's borderline schizophrenic. They say you can experience all four seasons in one day and it's true. One minute you'll be soaking up the sun and the next you'll be racing to take the clothes off the line before the hailstorm hits. It happens to the best of us.  And yes, hanging out laundry is a real thing here.  Some days it gets my knickers in a twist, but other days there's a sense of holy pride that comes from white sheets blowing in the breeze with my little garden growing in my peripheral vision. I'm channeling Mrs. Cleaver and it feels good to be conserving the world's energy at the same time.  Says the girl who still keeps her electric blanket running all night long.  Back to the issue at hand...And the weather app is of zero help to me.  I will be huddled under a tree in the pouring rain and my phone will be mocking me with a picture of a sun as the current forecast.  We threw caution in the wind and planned a beach trip on the one day that promised 64 degrees and clear skies, we might as well have spit into the wind because it came back and smacked us in the face.  It ended up being 53 degrees with a wicked wind.  We didn't last long but I think they had fun while it lasted.  At least it was better than being in school.  And I must say, I loved driving only 20 minutes instead of 6 hours to enjoy Spring Break at the beach.

**PS- I wish I could tag people in the comments, because Allison, I loved getting your comment and of course I remember you! We loved hanging out with all of the Bountiful gang when we were newlyweds, I'm so glad you found us. I looked for you on facebook but couldn't find you, so hopefully you get this.  And while I'm at it, "kyoo", I've loved the comments you've left also. You really helped give me hope when things were rough at the beginning and you're right, we are falling hard just like you said we would! Thanks, girls! 


Ali said...

Jamie, I'm cold just looking at those photos! I remember cold swims all childhood long; and I remember that whenever we went away for the weekend it was jeans and jumpers ("sweaters"), shorts and shirts, winter hat, summer hat, etc... that was packing for a weekend in Melbourne. 4 seasons a day! Still prefer it it. Later when I lived in Singapore, I felt miserable with one season every day all day all year long!...

Ronnie said...

sounds so familiar! Seattle will do that and it drives me nuts! I love seeing all these "spring break" pictures. Especially when fall is hitting here and you guys are frolicking in the waves!

Janessa said...

Dang, you guys are really adjusting. Sure, you look kind of chilly (totally diggin' the swimsuit and jacket, Kylie!) but seriously, you Arizona sun rats wouldn't have ever thought of peeling off your sweaters and boots for a swim in 50 anything degrees! Way to live! I'm so excited for all the new posts!!!

Kyoo said...

Ha! Was not expecting a shout out :-)
I don't leave half the comments that I want to because I don't want to be that girl that spent 3 weeks in New Zealand trying to compare it to the family living there for a couple years. But every post reminds me of what I love about that country and it's so fun to get to follow your experience and be able to relate to a few things! Even if it does send me off on a plane ticket price search every time...
We camped the whole time we were there so I understand that bipolar weather! Snow, rain, and sunshine all in one summer day! There was one day we had the luxury of packing up a dry tent. Yet it was all so worth it and I only have good memories. (Except that hour I was detained in customs facing a $500 fine).
Looking forward to more stories!

Allie said...


I am doing laundry tonight and decided to check your blog...but I felt so weird doing it so I have been reading with one eye shut. Like I am stalking or something!

But then I saw you left a PS and I decided it was ok!

Call me old-fashion...but I hate facebook. I do have an account but I don't post or really use it so you most likely won't find me.

We do have a private blog. But we aren't having as much fun as you so please don't feel like you need to check it!

If you want to see it email me

austin_allie@hotmail dot com

Austin loved looking at the pictures of Jason and your crew.

His exact words were "Jason is a quality citizen"

Sounded exactly like something Jason would have said back in the day!

Hope all is well!