Saturday, September 07, 2013

August showers bring September flowers

This whole opposite season thing is making me feel like I showed up on the first day of school wearing my first pair of Birkenstocks, only to learn that the Birkenstock train had long left the station and it was now all Doc Martens all the time.  While I am dreaming of bare feet on the beach, popsicles and wading in rivers, the other part of the world is all like, summer is soooooo 42 seconds ago.  Pinterest is dripping in scarves, boots and pumpkin recipes, there is a dull hum as sewing machines across America unite in making homemade Halloween costumes, and the general population is slowly getting lulled into a state of apple cider drunkeness.  But we over here at Team Spring are counting every cherry blossom we see pop up and nothing says spring more than newborn baby lambs frolicking in meadows (unless you're in AZ where spring lasts only one week before you're thrust reluctantly into the belly of the furnace). Jason was going snowboarding with some co-workers so I invited myself and the kids to go to the farm with Grandma Judy where her significant other, Pete, works.  We were hoping to ring in spring with some little baby lambs, but unfortunately they hadn't been born yet, so instead we (meaning "they") let baby calves suck on their hands like a pacifier, pet the baby deer, went on a fruitless hunt for chicken eggs, rode all over creation in the Ranger, fed the stags and got muddy from head to toe.  With a few smudges of manure.

What is it about this baby calf and his sucking reflex that makes my ovaries quiver?

Jayden was the cow whisperer. Until one bit him in his crotch. True story.

We cooked pizzas in the pizza oven and had a lovely little lunch, or "garden party" as Judy called it

I think the highlight for Kylie and Jayden was when Grandma Judy let them drive the Ranger.

Grandma Judy gave us the ride of our life.  I was white knuckling it the whole time as we flew over hills, crashed through brush, bounced over rocks and made turns so tight that if I were a betting woman, I bet we would have eventually tipped over.  I was kind of a little relieved when we got stuck in the mud and had to hike it back home.  Oh that grandma Judy, she's a spunky one, that's why we love her!

As we drove through the meadow to feed the stags, I sat their sandwiched between Uncle Pete and Grandma Judy laughing about how I told Pete his dad was so cute and he couldn't understand how an old man could be cute. In that moment I couldn't believe we were really here in this beautiful country, that this dream that was hatched at the beach almost 2 years ago was now our reality and that these people who were strangers only months ago are now like family.  So the happiest of Spring to you and yours, even if your Amazon basket is filled with Christmas decorations.  And from what I hear, Birkenstocks are trying to make a comeback, so how I see it is that we're really just ahead of the trend.


Ali said...

Delightful photos! I think I can SMELL the spring after your beautiful descriptions and pics!!

Keep enjoying!
Ali (of the Alps :-) )

Jodee said...

It is a little strange the whole opposite season thing...
But I really am loving your adventures and new experiences. You sure are surprising me and jumping WAY out of your comfort zone. But really Jame, a baby cow?!?! What has NZ done to my Jamie?

Michelle Y. said...

That is crazy about the opposite seasons! Your pictures are beautiful as always. Poor Jayden getting bit in the crotch :/

Janessa said...

Ahhh, it was so good to talk to you and to have some lovely pics to follow it up with is icing on the cake! I'm so excited for this amazing spring that is upon you. I love the adventures you're having! It just makes my heart so happy to hear about these wonderful people that have adopted you as their own. How could they not love you guys though! Jayden's crotch biting cows cracked me up! And in what way were your overaies quivering? Like an "I need another baby" quivering or an "I am so glad I'm not having another baby" kind of quiver? Just curious:) Oh, and what's up with the deer? Do they raise deer? Do people raise deer? What for? Such an amazing day!

Marcee Foster said...

I need to meet Grandma Judy! What a gem! I love living each of these adventures with you through your blog.

Chelsea said...

I love Grandma Judy! And these pics! I've never seen animals like that last picture, did you say they're called "stags"? ok off to google :) (still blonde)