Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Dinner guests

Some days it seems like Jayden will be stuck in the black hole of video games, fart jokes and paper airplanes forever.  It's hard to imagine that one day he will be a missionary.  A missionary that doesn't mind using baby wipes when you realize you ran out of napkins and paper towels (Jason put up a good case for toilet paper, but there is something about having a roll of tp sitting on your dinner table. Even if it is 2-ply. So wipes it was).  A missionary that eats 2 burgers, a lamb steak, 3 sausages, 4 cinnamon rolls and then a final burger with all three meats combined (in his defense, he just got his visa approved and this was his last meal before going to Papua New Guinea where apparently rats are a delicacy).  A missionary that lets little babies wear his name tag and doesn't mind wiping off the drool when it's returned.  A missionary that yells chants and teaches the kids Haka dances that leaves the neighbors wondering if those mormons are indeed a ritualistic cult.  A missionary that is so fascinated with cameras that he takes about 63 random pictures around the house.  A missionary that turns a paper airplane making fest into a spiritual teaching moment.  A missionary who put his life on hold for 2 years in order to serve. A missionary who at a mere 19 years of age can change lives for the better. A missionary who has stayed worthy in order to become that missionary.  A missionary who makes his mom so proud.  And to think, one day I'll be lucky enough to have three of these (or maybe possibly 4?).

Ryder saw this picture and said, "dadda go potty?" teehee.


Ronnie said...

EEEEKKKK! I only have one boy and I am already dreading the day. Those missionaries sound pretty fun and hungry! WOW! I bet he needed those wipes after all of that!
And I agree with Janessa, those eyes are totally creepy.
and the potty face is cracking me up. Who does that when they go potty?

Ronnie said...

ps- this is Jodee, not Ronnie. Dang it.

Marcee Foster said...

So sweet! Jayden will for sure be there. And soon!

Chelsea said...

Awe, I'm sure it did their bellies good, eating your delicious food! Lucky guys!