Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rise Up

It's that time of year.  Time for spending the weekends glued to the TV with Jason pacing the floor, time for finger foods and get togethers with friends and time for navy blue t-shirts.  It's time for BYU football and time for the annual boys weekend to Lavell Edwards stadium to show their Cougar pride. Jayden has been so excited for this weekend and I love all the male bonding that went down.  They had a few celebrity sightings when they met Kyle Van Noy, JD Falslev and Max Hall.  Jayden had stars in his eyes and his autographed poster resides proudly on his bedroom wall.  I'm pretty sure he lays under it in bed at night dreaming of BYU football.  Meanwhile I am dreaming of the chocolate covered cinnamon bears that Jason so graciously brought home for me.  True love.

Me and Kylie had a girls night with pizza, candy and Katy Perry.


Chelsea said...

FUN for Jayden! Love that tradition they have.

Janessa said...

Seriously, ya'll life is just one big party! Do you ever sleep:) Such a fun weekend! That'll be so fun when Jayden's old enough to join them. That's awesome that they saw some BYU stars even! So fun!!!