Sunday, September 16, 2012

Arizona, you are forgiven

I'm beginning to forgive you for the steering wheels that are too hot to handle, the ice cream that is melted before I even make it home, the $400 utility bills and maybe even for introducing me to such things as 'stache sweat--and I don't even have a 'stache!  Yes, we're just starting to enter our glory days outside so I guess you and I can be friends again afterall.

don't mind yesterday's lunch all over the trampoline.  I keep waiting for the birds to come eat it.  It's not happening.

friday night homemade pizza night on the patio while the kids raided the Halloween box and spent the next three days playing pirates and wizards.  It was a swell weekend.  {oh wait, except at the swim party for Kylie's dance team when Maddox's nose started gushing blood in the pool and Ryder got attacked by ants.  Oh and when BYU lost and poor Jason took it personally as if he were the one playing the game. swell, not so much.  But hanging out with good friends and eating good food during the game helped soften the blow.}


Janessa said...

Ah, fall!!! It has come to mean something different then when we lived in Utah, but it is still a grateful relief from the summer heat. We put up our fall decor over the weekend and my kids were running around the house as witches and pirates too. So fun! Not so fun about BYU for sure though and your poor boys at the pool party. Glad the rest of the weekend was good to you!

Chelsea said...

You are nice, I never forgive Arizona until the end of October. Yum pizza, cute kids.

Cammi said...

That pizza looks delicious. What recipe do you use for the crust?

Jamie Y. said...

Oh, it's really easy, it's called "go to Basha's bakery and ask for the refrigerated pizza dough" :) I'd highly recommend it!