Friday, September 07, 2012

Premature park day

It was a sweaty cleavage kind of day.  But little boys seem to care more about being outside than they do about sweaty cleavage. Besides, I needed to show those people flooding facebook with pictures of hiking and all sorts of outdoor happiness that two can play at this game.  So off to the park we went for the first time in 6.2 months.  I thought Ryder would love the baby carrier on the bike, instead he cried most of the way and kept trying to push me off the seat when usually my other babies would just try to stick their fingers down the back of my pants.  That's okay, I'm a little sensitive to bike carriers myself.  In elementary school I was the one riding a bike to school with a baby seat attached (10 kids, bike shortage, don't ask).  My dad, ever the optimist, told me how lucky I was to have a nice little carrier for my backpack.  So I strapped that Jansport in and rode back and forth to school with my little brother yelling, "Jamie shops at D.I.!" until I promised to let him play the nintendo first when we got home.  Those elementary years have definately seen better days. Once we got to the park I realized this might be the real reason he was crying.  We didn't have a helmet his size so I grabbed Kylie's and thought it would be better than nothing.  In this case I think nothing actually would have been better. 

We came, we swung, we dug in cat poop infested sand, we sanitized, we picnicked, we realized we should have brought more water, we tried to overcome Ryder's fear of the tunnel slides after getting stuck in one at Chic-fil-a. My apologies to any 3 year olds who were scarred while witnessing that rescue.  And then we also realized that yes, it is still way too hot to go to the park.  See ya in 2 more months.

Next up: lessons on contagious diseases transmitted through sucking on public waterfountain spouts.


Janessa said...

You get big time mom points for that one! What a good sport! Love all the pictures. Those boys are just too darn cute...drenched in sweat and all!

Tyler and Margaret said...

um, which brother was that? :)