Saturday, September 29, 2012

the inevitable funeral

It was heartbreaking.  The last time I saw tears like that was when Jason told him the story of how some punks stole his entire bag of halloween candy when he was younger, which in Jayden's mind was the worst possible thing that could ever happen to one person.  He was very traumatized.  He found out today that the only thing worse than getting your candy stolen is having your hamster die.  He just sat in my lap and sobbed until finally he looked up at me with red swollen eyes and said, "I know what will make me feel better {sniff, sniff}, if you let me play Roblox on your computer".  Some things never change.  We have since bought a replacement and Maddox has since managed to lose one only to hear scratching inside the couch and I had to cut a hole in the bottom to avoid a rotting hamster corpse inside our couch.  Maybe just maybe the dog would have been an easier route after all.   


Chelsea said...

oh no! the death, the tears, the halloween candy, the replacement, and the HOLE IN THE COUCH! So sorry.

Janessa said...

I don't know which is worse, the dead hamster or the hole in your couch. Probably I'd have to say the hole. Sorry about the hamster too. You're nice to get a new one. Did he die of natural causes or did the other hamster kill him. That would probably be more traumatizing then a dead hamster and stolen candy both. Just ask my kids.