Monday, October 01, 2012

We the Beliebers

Kylie deemed this a lipstick wearing occasion.  Indeed it was.  Ever since we saw Justin Bieber's movie, "Never Say Never", we vowed to see him in concert.  And wouldn't you know, the very first stop on his very next tour was right here in Phoenix.  Our tickets were waaaaay up on the nosebleeds but we lucked out even getting them because it sold out the first day and there wasn't even a single scalper in sight at the concert. The energy in that stadium was insane I tell you!  It took me a good two days to get my hearing back and even though he threw up on stage like three times, he still put on an awesome show.  Carly Rae Jeppson and Cody Simpson were the opening act and I loved rocking out to Call Me Maybe and Good Time. We went with a fun group of friends and we partied late into the night at our hotel after party.  So glad I have my girl so that I have an excuse to go to things like this and so glad I only have one girl because, man, girls are expensive!

The moment he came on stage...I can still hear the screaming.  The picture's blurry because they couldn't stop jumping up and down.  It was awesome.

They recorded the entire show on their itouch/iphone and when Kylie's ran out of memory she recorded the rest on mine.

She sang along to every song and my favorite memory of the night was dancing and singing with her to Baby, Baby.

And if she wasn't singing, she had her ears plugged.  It was L.O.U.D.


Janessa said...

Coolest, funnest, cutest mom EVER! What a lucky girl to have such a fun party mom! I'm sure she will always remember this. So, so fun!

Diana said...

You ARE the COOLEST mom EVER! I want to be like you!

Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness I can only imagine the volume! What a fun night and one that you will both always remember. And I see you reading the emily US weekly, have I taught you nothing? only People tells the truth ;)