Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sammie Says

Desert Breeze Train park, the first time we went here Kylie was Ryder's age. Crazy * Jayden was sick so Kylie was so sweet and made him a tray complete with gum to freshen his breath after he throws up * snuggled up after a bath on the first crisp fall morning of the season * movie night in the park * last day of being 3 * birthday dinner where Maddox stole all the pennies from the fountain so that he could make more birthday wishes * cake batter pancakes and a smoothie mustache, birthdays don't get much better than this * he got a dream light for his birthday, a wish come true * Ryder finally got brave enough to go down the slide by himself so I got demoted to catcher instead of slide buddy.


Janessa said...

I love to hear what Sammie says! That smoothie mustache is just so darn cute! He was a stinkin cute three year old and is going strong as an adorable four year old! Love that boy and can't wait to see more b-day pics. Kylie's get well tray is so sweet. I love the gum - ha, ha! Ryder is growing way too fast! He looks like a big kid in that slide picture!!!

Chelsea said...

love em all!