Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Sea World

I hate to admit it, but last time we were here I was kind of regretting getting the season pass.  I lost my umph somewhere between the extreme heat and insane crowds.  I'm blaming that on our infamous bad parent moment when we got so mad at the kids for not wanting to go on Journey to Atlantis.  Something along the lines of being grounded for eternity and taking away all of their Christmas presents.  It was bad.  They're still traumatized and keep asking us if we'll be mad at them if they don't go on it.  But it's amazing what a difference great weather and an empty park can make, I absolutely loved it this time and we didn't even yell at the kids once.  It was awesome being able to walk right onto the rides and the kids rode the Manta too many times to count.  I rode it once and was so proud of myself because I have serious claustrophobia issues when it comes to being strapped into a ride.  And then shortly after there was a problem and people were stranded on the ride for about 15 minutes.  My worst nightmare, and from that point on I swore off all roller coasters.  I had a panic attack on the Arctic Encounter for heaven's sake.  Once those doors shut and locked I had to squeeze Kylie's hand while she helped me breathe.  Jayden thought I was dying. Maddox was laughing. Besides that, it was an awesome day.    

Do you see all those people? Yeah, neither do I.  It was awesome.

A very rare occurance

cute little diaper wedgie bum

Ryder's favorite.  Probably because we actually let him get out of the stroller for the first time all day.  He thought it was a swimming pool.

And this is exactly why we didn't let him get out of the stroller all day.

I discovered the first little sprinkling of freckles on Maddox.  He was so excited.

I'm going to miss today.


Chelcie said...
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Chelsea said...


wow, I can't believe how empty it was! October is the way to go all the way around in CA. Laughing about the atlantis threats. Glad the season passes ended up being worth it. You got some seriously great shots on this trip. Bravo, momma!

Janessa said...

Ha, ha! I'm glad we're not the only ones with such parental melt downs. Not often, but they have occured a time or two. I'm glad you had so much fun. Great timing on the crowds, or lack of. It looks like everyone had a great time! If anybody wants to hear Kylie's version of the roller coaster rides with Jamie, you'll be in for a good laugh:)