Friday, October 05, 2012

Balboa Park

That museum pass I got was the best investment.  Jason had to work so we spent the day at the museums at Balboa park and I just scoffed at the $17 entrance fee to the Natural History Museum and didn't feel a single bit guilty after walking out after only a half hour because my kids thought it was lame.  Because it kinda was.  But a whopping two big thumbs up to the science center.  We went back there twice and Kylie was so surprised that science was actually fun.  We killed some more time exploring Balboa park and the butterfly garden was the hands-down fave.  It was prime binocular territory.


Janessa said...

You are so getting your money's worth with that museum pass! I'm glad you found some awesome places to explore. You're such a fun mom!

Chelsea said...

Next time you find that museum deal please tell me! I can't believe that you can use it all over. Super good deal.