Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whitey tighties

I have been dying to cover these little buns in whitey tighties for quite some time now.  Considering I haven't changed a dirty diaper in six days (granted I have steam cleaned my carpets, couches, washed sheets and mopped up pee), I think it's safe to say this tooshie is a diaper free zone. Jayden thought it was disgusting that I was taking pictures of his bum, but it is the cutest thing ever and I can hardly refrain from pinching it every second of the day.  And really, that bed head hair definately has a rockstar quality about it.

I promise I won't say "THE END", but you know I'm thinking it.


Janessa said...

I've been dying to see his little whitey tighty bum since I talked to you on the phone. Will you please go give those little cheeks a pinch for me? I'm so impressed at how fast he picked up on potty training. Yay! Glad you have that steam cleaner though:) Oh, and I can totally hear Jayden saying that it's disgusting to take pictures of his bum. Ha, ha, ha! The end. (There, I said it for you:)

Jodee said...

there is just nothing better than a potty trained boy in cute little underoos! Congrats momma, take a break from diapers while you can!

Chelsea said...

seriously, what is it with us moms and the craziness that comes with whitey tighties?! I remember a whole lot of teeth gritting, booty grabbing, and picture taking when both my boys started wearing em.