Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vitamin D

This lets me know that summer is right around the corner. I don't know why I even bother mopping from May thru September.

While the rest of the states are still shoveling snow from their sidewalks, we are just trying to pack in as much outside time as we can before the inevitable heat forces us to become hermits for the next 6 months.

 Jason is convinced that Maddox will be swimming by the end of the summer.  I'm not as confident, but I do know how those Young boys operate once they get their mind set on something. I guess only time will tell who will win this bet.

after deciding to be supermom last year with our summer of fun, I got totally burned out in the craft department. I'm starting to feel recovered so we cracked open the container of Plaster of Paris again to make this Easter egg chalk.  Kylie used it to cover the entire sidewalk path with the lyrics to "Baby, Baby".

I took the kids garage sale-ing with me and Jayden had his heart set on this 50 cent skate ramp.  He was so excited to come home and try it (and insisted on the full safety gear for the event) and was crushed when it flopped after Jason told him it was a ramp for toy skateboards.  Not to worry, he found plenty of other treasures to spend his life savings on, all of which I'm certain will be in the donation pile in one month tops.  Including a $5 toy plane.  Seriously, who charges $5 for a toy plane at a garage sale and who pays $5 for a toy plane at a garage sale? That would be Jayden. 

I love seeing Jayden play in his cute little uniform. He had some great hits and plays and it's fun to see him improving each year. I don't love how hot it is.  I don't love that all of their games are around 3 PM and in a month we'll be sweating puddles. And I especially don't love that the bathrooms are too far so I have to pack along Maddox's little potty and set up a temporary bathroom in the back of the car. We took about 10 trips back to the car and each time Maddox would get there and say "just toot-toots, try again next time!" I finally drug that little potty right next to our chairs and he took a dump right there in the privacy of the sport umbrella, only a few feet upwind from innocent spectators. No shame. Definately one of my more memorable white trash moments.


Chelsea said...

I'm with Jason, I could totally see M swimming by the end of summer.

I hope you DON'T mop for the summer. Just say no.

I'm dying over Jayden in his whole padded get up and then he is wearing FLIP-FLOPS! LOL.

He looks super cute in a baseball uniform. Hands down the most attractive sport uniform out there. I'm talking on handsome MEN, not little leagues :)

Oh yes, and the potty scene, soooo funny.

nicole said...

That potty story is inspiring me to wait another six months before trying to potty train Maggie.

Ronnie said...

You do what you have to do right? I am just impressed that he would actually go while surrounded by spectators.
Jayden is growing up so fast! He is a little mini jason.
And you know I am SO jealous of that weather you are having. Just think of me every time you mop up those wet footprints and it won't seem so bad.

Janessa said...

Where oh where is the picture of Maddox on the potty at the game?! Definitely a white trash moment to remember! Jayden looks so stinkin cute in his little uniform! I love his skate boarding shots. What's up with the flip flops? Not very safe with all that safety gear:) Too bad the ramp was just a toy and he couldn't really use it. Hope he enjoys his $5 airplane though. I love all the pool pictures. How fun! Jason seems to have a good track record with his swimming students. I think I'm with him on this bet. Sorry. Good luck keeping up with your floor. I say just wipe up the wet footprints with a towel and call it mopped:)

Hollie Hanson said...

I am officially jealous of your sunshine. I am so sick of 50 degrees and rain!!! Ahh! Your pics are awesome Jamie!

Marisa said...

Holy cow--that potty story! You had me laughing out loud. Probably not so much fun for you--but a GREAT story! I am pretty jealous that you're swimming right now. Oh--and I keep meaning to tell you that I want your camera. Your pictures are so amazing! They look professional.

Carlie said...

"just a little toot-toots. better luck next time"

so cute! i love it when they give themselves little pep talks =)