Sunday, April 03, 2011


Word to the wise, if you make a garden composte don't put it right under the microwave vent.  Holy fruit flies.  There's nothing more appetizing then cooking or eating with these guys landing in your food.  My friend told me how to make a trap for them and it's genius I tell you. Make a cone out of paper with a tiny opening at the end big enough for them to fly through but small enough that they can't figure out how to fly back out. Put some fruit in the bottom of the jar then seal the edge with tape and brace yourself for the excitement of walking past and seeing just how many flies are caught in your ingenious little trap.  It's the highlight of my day. Let them go outside and change the fruit every other day or so.

I hate cleaning blinds, which explains why I've done it only once in the past 5 years since we've been in this house. I usually just spray some cleaner on them then go through about 221 paper towels while I'm smearing the dust all around. I found this at Wal-mart for like $3 and it makes cleaning blinds so easy and so much less messy.  I know, I know this post has been life changing for you.  Your welcome.


Janessa said...

I hate those little flies! I remember them being a big problem in Iowa. I found some kind of home remedy concoction on line that seemed to work well enough. I'll have to give the jar thing a try though next time I need it. I'll have to get me one of those blind dusters. I hate cleaning blinds too. This could be life changing:)

Jodee said...

I had the best time trying to figure out what that thing was before I read this post. A blind cleaner, HILARIOUS!
That fly trap totally works! I have used apple cider vinegar at the bottom too.

Chelsea said...

hmmm cleaning blinds? crap. haven't done that ever in this house. Go me.