Sunday, April 03, 2011

Maiden voyage

Most people have been dreading the heat wave, breaking 100 degrees in March is enough to make anyone cringe, but not Jason.  This has been the longest winter in history as he has been counting down the months to lake season. 6 months, 3 wakeboards, 2 tubes, 5 life jackets, 1 annual national park pass, 1 wakeboard tower plus install, 1 new battery, 1 thorough tune up and more money than I even want to know, it is officially here.  Jason was so giddy the night before we went, he seriously could not sleep.  I haven't seen him this excited since the Chinatown noodle shop. I've been giving him a hard time about how much this little hobby has been costing, but after seeing how much fun we had then secretly I'll admit it was worth every penny.  It's also no lie that I think Jason looks super cute on the wakeboard.  We were reminiscing with the kids about the good old days when Jason and I fell in love on the boat.  We had hung out that summer and when we went with friends to the lake on Labor Day we totally hit it off.  We kissed that night and were inseperable ever since.  Kylie could not get over the fact that we kissed before we were married, let alone before we were even in love.  Now she doesn't believe a single thing I've said about not kissing boys.  Speaking of Kylie, the poor girl had a traumatic event.  When we were done on the lake she ran to the bathroom while we were cleaning up the boat.  It had been a while and I had assumed she had gone back to the car.  Jason asked where she was when he didn't see her in the car and all of the sudden I hear this faint banging on the bathroom door.  We run over there and poor Kylie is sobbing, the deadbolt was stuck and she had been trapped for maybe 10 minutes.  It wouldn't be quite as bad if it was a normal bathroom, but it was a tiny cement outhouse that was not only sweltering hot, but add the fact that human waste had been marinating in the 100 degree temperatures in there and it was pretty much the worst place ever to get trapped (my extreme claustrophobia is making my heart pound for her just thinking about it).  Jason ran to find help and some nearby good samaritans went crazy with some hammers and tools. They had nearly demolished the lock when 3 sherriff cars pulled up with a key (it must have been a slow day for them).  She had quite the audience when she finally got out all covered in sweat and tears.  The poor girl, it broke my  heart.  It made me happy when she told me that she had said a prayer.  I tried turning it into a spiritual moment telling her that dad and I were prompted to find her right then.  She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "no, I started praying waaaaay before that!" It all ended well and I know Heavenly Father really was watching out for her. Besides the dramatic ending, we had such a fun day and can't wait to fill our summer with many more lake trips.

Me and my two babies.  This is for reals how fast we were going the whole time. Between Jason's freakishly protective nature when it comes to the little fetus and having Dr. Herrera on board, there was no fun allowed.  Maddox finally asked to get back on the boat because I think he was bored.  Man, I am pasty white. Being married almost 12 years gives Jason the liberty to remind me ever so lovingly just how blinding white I am.


Janessa said...

Oh I wish we lived close enough to go hang out at the lake with you guys. What a fun family day! That last picture of Maddox is making me just crave those cubby little arms and cheeks. Please, stop whatever it is you are doing and go give that boy a big smoochy kiss for me. Poor Kylie. What a traumatic experience. I'm glad all's well that ends well and that you didn't have to pay for a new door after the heroic by standers tried to tear it down with their tools. I was glad to to hear that you had a nice gentle ride on the tube. Up on closer examination of the picture, I can see that the wind from behind is stronger then the wind from from your speedy ride. Glad Jason's there to keep an eye on my little nephew:) I'm sure that pastey white will be a nice golden brown by the end of the summer:)

Janessa said...
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Janessa said...

Oops, sorry. Published twice.

Jodee said...

Oh my! I am freaking out for Kylie! That sounds horrible! I am glad she got out safely, poor thing.
I have been thinking about you guys and wondering if the boat made it's appearance in the hot temps you guys have been having. I have to say, I am totally jealous sitting here in my office listening to the rain pour down!
And I agree with Janessa, that las pic is the bestest! he is a doll!

Chelsea said...

AH!!! I can't believe she was stuck in that gross place! poor girl, ew ew ew ew ew... so sad.

That last pic of M is SO SO cute.

If you are going that slow why is your hair blowing like that? you could have fooled me into thinking you were tearing it up out there! ;)