Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Years 2010

I have been so excited for this trip.  My parents moved to Cedar City (well Enoch to be precise) last summer and this was the first time that all 10 of us siblings would be together in about 3 years and the first time we've spent the Christmas holidays with my parents in about 6 years.  Quite naturally I was more than a little bitter that I spent the entire trip bonding with the kleenex box instead of my family.  As miserable as it was being sick on vacation I must say they all took mighty good care of me and it was nice being pampered the whole week...massages, steaming baths in the jetted tub with aromatherapy candles, fluffy robes, hot chocolate delivered at my beck and call, watching kids while I napped, buying my favorite candy at the store along with travel size kleenex so that I wouldn't have to steal yards of toilet paper from the public restrooms when we were would think I was at a world class resort and spa. One of my brothers had to fly out the day before one of my sisters flew in, so it was sad we couldn't all be together for a picture, but 9 out of 10 isn't bad. I was definately not at the top of my game and this picture is the epitome of "life in the hoodie" for me. I lived in my sweats and hoodie and it was funny because everyone always commented that I looked more pregnant when I was wearing my jacket. It's amazing how one pocket full of an economy pack of cherry Halls and another filled with wadded up tissues can add atleast a month onto your pregnant belly.

Something about posing for the first edition "Men of Pickle Ball" calendar??...
Enough of the pity party, afterall this week wasn't all about me (only most of it).  The kids had so much fun hanging out with their cousins. They lived in the basement recreating the North Pole, building forts out of boxes and who knows what else (every grandma needs a basement, it was the only way all 25 + of us could stay in the same house and not go crazy).  They showered once the entire week, brushed their teeth twice and I'm not sure if they ever changed their underwear. They only surfaced only when it was time to eat, but eating is something us Jolleys know how to do well.  I just love the hustle and bustle of such a big family, there was a constant happy noise.  Growing up it was often times crazy, but I can't imagine it any other way and it is so fun to have so many cousins and aunts/uncles for my kids to play with.

 Maddox thought Tyson was the best Christmas present ever.  Along with the brown doorstoppers that he collected throughout the house and affectionately named his "chocolate boats". And the flipping race car grandma bought for him.  And the little mini wagon grandma had and was nice enough to let him take home. And he insisted on sleeping with all his treasures every night.

 Jason was going to take the kids snowboarding but it was going to be -5 degrees so he opted to take my brothers instead.  After seeing the wind burn on his face afterwards I think it was a smart decision.  Apparently Todd's 5th grade rainbow delight snowsuit didn't quite cut it, but after he rounded up some more appropriate attire he did an awesome job on his first snowboarding trip.
New Years eve was fun, we made homemade pizzas and played games all night while snacking on tons of goodies.  I think everyone made it until midnight, even the kids who were watching movies in the basement. 

The boys had a little more girl talk than they could handle...

I was so excited to experience a "real" winter, all snuggled up by the fire sipping hot cocoa.  I must have forgotten that once the fire dies down and the last sip of hot cocoa is gone then it is freakin' freezing! I also had high aspirations of taking the kids sledding but it's not possible to have my 70 degree weather and snow at the same time.  I couldn't go outside long enough to even take pictures of them and incase you had forgotten, I'll remind you that I was sick :) and Jason and the boys were busy playing Pickle Ball (yeah, huh???), going shooting, watching football games and even went on a manly day out to see "True Grit".  The girls fit in some shopping, chick flicks and took the kids to see "Tangled", but we were mostly content to stay inside where it was warm and just hang out talking.   

It was so good to see everyone.  I must say that I definately lucked out in the family department, this house was filled with my favorite people in the world.  Here's to a wonderful 2011, happy new year!!


Jodee said...

You know I always want to be a Jolly and this post is why. Your family is so fun! I would love to grow up in a big crazy family.. just don't ask me to be the mom of a big crazy family! Your mom is pretty amazing! I love that picture you got of her too. And what better place to be sick than at mommas house right? Hope you are feeling better!

Janessa said...

What a great recap of an awesome week (minus you being sick of course). As you've probably noticed, I still haven't even gotten my Christmas post up yet. It is in the works though:) Once I get to our Utah trip I'll definintely need to steal some of your pictures. You got some great shots - as always. Sure love you and miss you tons already! I'm glad I was there to make you hot chocolate and hope you're all the way better:) Jodee, come join the clan!!!

Chelsea said...

I would say you did luck out in the family department! Too bad you were sick, but sheesh it sounds like it was a bonus with all the special treatment!