Friday, January 14, 2011

honey bear

One of my favorite things right now is Maddox and his honey bear.  It's his favorite treat, he stands in the pantry begging for "honey bear" then he opens his mouth like a little baby bird, cocks his head back, closes his eyes and waits for it to drip in his mouth.  He gets a huge grin on his face and asks for more, and of course it's so cute so I keep giving him more until I worry he's going to get a honey over dose. 

And then he gets mad because I can't aim while looking through the lens and I keep getting it all over his mouth, and then he rubs it in his eyes and hair, and then he cries and it drips out of his mouth onto the cuboard, and then he sits in it, and then I realize how much I hate cleaning up sticky honey.


Janessa said...

Ha, ha! That is so cute. What a lucky boy. Now I know why he's so sweet:) I was going to say that you're a pretty good aim to do that while taking the picture. Now I see the truth. Good thing he has such a patient mommy:)

Chelsea said...

no way! how funny. today i bought an extra large honey bear myself :) the only way we eat it is on cheerios or a PB sandwich. weird?

Jodee said...

Honey always tastes better coming from a cute little bear if I do say so myself. Love those little eyes closed so tightly just waiting for that honey to drop. ADORABLE!