Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Saturday hike

I am emberassed to admit that this is the first time I've done any "real" exercise this entire pregnancy.  I was doing so good about running and getting into shape, but as soon as I peed on that stick I felt justified in doing absolutely nothing.  Now that the morning sickness is looooong gone, I still prefer sitting on the couch eating an entire can of salt & vinegar pringles (sorry Jay, I know I bought those for your lunch) over any type of physical activity. I won't even admit that 2 days after my failed attempt at potty training (urrrggh, the others were so easy!) the entire bag of starbursts that I bought for bribes was completely empty (considering that it was a failed attempt, you are safe in assuming it wasn't Maddox eating them all).  Oops, I guess I did just admit that, maybe now I can be more accountable.  Anyways...when I was pregnant with Maddox I went to the gym religiously and was a regular on the front row of the spin class right up until the week I gave birth.  This time I am feeling so lazy and really need to get moving and enjoy the beautiful weather outside.  I decided a family hike was the perfect way to do that, so we filled up the kids' Camelbacks, packed some snacks and called up our favorite hiking buddies.  Every year Jayden complains less and less about how tired he is and how much he hates hiking, this time he was even the leader of the pack, it was so nice.
 Maddox on the other hand was not so easy.  He's outgrown the hiking back pack, but can't manage it on his own so lucky for Jason he had an exceptionally good workout lugging an extra 30 lbs up the mountain.  At first he insisted on walking by himself and at one point I looked back to see him about 20 feet behind us standing with the saddest look on his face saying "Na-Na far, far away...." (he calls himself Na-Na).
 We finally made it to the top and the view never disappoints.  Don't worry, they're not sitting at the edge of a steep cliff.  They're only sitting at the edge of a semi-steep cliff, but it made such a cute picture that I figured I could sacrifice their safety long enough to snap a picture.

 It was so cute to see them all hold hands as they were going down the rocky parts.  As cute as this picture is, it makes me mad when I look at it because it reminds me that I almost fell while taking the picture and as Jason saw his pregnant wife and unborn child nearly slip on the rocks, the first thing out of his sweet little mouth was, "be careful, don't break the camera!"  It's okay, I know he loves me in his own way.  Ha ha!
It was such a great way to spend our Saturday and from that day forth I vowed to start exercising more.  That was a week and a half ago and so far I have ridden my bike one time to the park that's a half mile away and I was winded by the time I got there.  Oh it's going to be so fun shedding these pregnancy pounds.


Chelsea said...

first, laughing so hard about the semi steep cliff, i love the way you write. second, "Na-Na" kills me, he is so cute! I love that age!! third, we've been saying that we are going on a hike for that past 3 weekends now. Hopefully Jer's disease goes away by the next one. fourthly, which mountain is this?

Janessa said...

"Na-Na far, far away...." - that is the cutest saddest thing ever! Oh how I love that boy!!! Great pictures! It was definitely a worth the temporary breech in safety to get the semi steep cliff picture. Everyone's alive, right? As long as the camera survives it's okay anyway:) I totally feel the same way about exercising when I'm pregnant. After having each baby and I get back into my exercise routine I vow that I'll work out faithfuly during my next pregnancy. It's just so hard to get motivated when I'm pregnant because it's inevitable, I'm going to gain weight. Never mind all the health benifits of exercising when you're pregnant. I'd rather just wait until after the baby's born when I can actually see the weight drop. Go get yourself some more chips and starbursts!

Jodee said...

Oh Jame, I love you! I am right here with you in the non exercise department but the sad thing is, I am not even pregnant! You eat those pringles and enjoy them!
Love the pic of Jayden and his friend on the ledge, so cute and so worth the risk!
And I am SO jealous sitting here in my jeans and layers of sweaters while you are out hiking in short sleeves!
And I wonder what this next baby will call himself, Gi GI and Na Na are hard to beat!