Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

 I want a do-over.  I've been so excited for Christmas and feel totally jipped that I spent the entire break on my death bed. Everyone else seemed to have a wonderful time while I layed on the couch in a tylenol induced stupor (since that's as hard core as the drugs get when you're great with child. waahh.) We had Grandpa Young and aunt Jessica here which added to the kids' excitement and Jessica was so great to pitch in and help. 

Christmas Eve is always my favorite with the excitement, anticipation and traditions, I look forward to it more than Christmas day.  I gave it a half hearted effort this year and was sad that I couldn't enjoy it more.  Instead of a big Christmas Eve dinner we ordered pizza and watched "Elf" (which Kylie and I watch atleast once a month throughout the entire year) while sipping hot cocoa and eating popcorn. It was cozy and my favorite part of the night because I didn't have to get off the couch.  We had the traditional "open first" present with pajama's, the chaotic Nativity scene, scrounging up treats that the neighbors had given us to leave out for Santa, running outside to check for Rudolph's nose and logging into Norad every 2 minutes for a Santa status update.   

 My favorite part of the break is watching Christmas movies everynight in the loft with the kids and they would have sleepovers under the little Christmas tree lights.  They didn't want to sleep there on Christmas eve because they were too anxious to get to sleep so that Santa would come, but they did spend a while peering out Jayden's window and getting excited with every airplane that passed with a blinking red light.
 I can't put the presents out before Christmas eve because Maddox (and Jayden) would open them, so we spent Christmas eve getting the presents all ready and Jason spent the whole time trying to Jimmy rig Maddox's bike because the rod that holds the back wheels together was missing. He ended up using a tent pole as a temporary remedy until we can order the part, but it sticks out atleast 6 inches on each side and scrapes every corner and innocent bystander as he passes by.

Eagerly waiting to run down and open presents. Maddox was a little too eager and ran down and hopped on the bike before we could stop him.

 Maddox's favorites were his "fast bike", "big tractor", airplane set and "glubs" (gloves)
 Kylie's favorites were the trampoline, guitar, scooter and bike (so now she doesn't have to be emberassed about her Strawberry Shortcake bike anymore).
 Jayden's favorites were his lego set, skateboard, trampoline and scooter.
 My favorites were Jason's surprises, an external flash for my camera, Pink Sugar perfume that Jessica got me hooked on, and a sweater that I wanted to buy when I was out with Jason but didn't want to wait in the mile long line for so he went back and got it for me. awwww. Jason's favorite surprise was the new grill I got for him. I don't have a very good track record when it comes to surprises so I was glad I finally got something he was excited about.

 We had our big Christmas dinner that night, so I didn't get completely off the hook when it came to cooking but it was nice having Jessica around to help.  Besides the burning throat, throbbing sinuses and hacking up of the lungs, it ended up being a wonderful Christmas. This is what we spent the rest of the day doing...

 Jason took the kids to the dollar store to pick out presents for eachother and I loved seeing what they chose.  Kylie got me a ped-egg because she said I needed it REALLY bad and Jayden got me a set of combs because I've had the same one for the past 10 years. Gross, I know but who thinks of buying new combs? Probably everyone but me. Kylie got Jason work gloves and Jayden picked out a glider for Jason and Grandpa, but secretly (and not so secretly) he just wanted it for himself. Imagine the surprise when that's what Kylie picked out for him :).


Jodee said...

can i just copy and paste this post to my blog? I am so sorry! But I have to tell you that after talking to you on the phone the other day I felt a little better that at least one person knows how I feel! I hope you get better! Love you!

Michelle Y. said...

Such great pictures Jamie! You are such a pro!

Janessa said...

I'm so sorry that you've been so sick. I feel so bad for you. Such a bummer at Christmas! I'm glad that everything else went so well. Seeing the trampoline pictures makes me really want to get another one for our kids. They look like they're having so much fun. You got so many great pictures. I'm very impressed that you had the energy and mental capacity to be so creative even on your deathbed. All of my Christmas pictures were pretty standard shots. No fun, but oh well. I'll use pregnancy as my excuse. Oh wait, your pregnant too. Always a step ahead of me:) Can't wait to see all your Utah pictures!

Chelsea said...

looks like the troll castle went over just fine ;) who was the lucky one that got to build it? i feel like we built legos all day long on Christmas! Wasn't Jayden throwing up last Christmas? you guys need a Christmas without sickies next year. Kosty is now demanding me to go back to the lego pictures...