Friday, December 24, 2010

A Pictureless December

It's 4 am, I just finished a bowl of ice cream and am working on my 3rd mug of hot chocolate (who counts calories at this time of day?).  No, it's not some weird pregnancy craving, I'm just trying to make this raging sore throat feel better.  And since I can't sleep I figured I might as well get caught up on the blog before Christmas comes with all its picture overload glory, besides, this is the quietest the house has been in a long time and I might as well take advantage of it (although I will regret it in a couple of hours when everyone else wakes up).  Between the blog, the blurb book and facebook I feel like I spend more time documenting our life than I do living it, but this month was different.  We have packed so much into this month but I have barely touched my camera.  The month started out with the RS progressive dinner that I was a stress case trying to plan, but it went well and I was glad it was over.  Then we went to the Christmas lights at the Temple after family pictures.  I love that my kids still get so excited to see the Christus statue and hear the presentation year after year.  Then came Jason's Christmas work party.  Nothing says Christmas like trying to act interested as Jason schmoozes with his coworkers and I try to engage in meaningless small talk with strangers. Ugg. Atleast the food was good. We tried to fit in some Christmas shopping afterwards, but why the malls still close at 9:00 during the busiest shopping season is still a mystery to me. Then we had our monthly minority break the fast dinner with our fellow minority friends (hence the name).  It was the Herrera's turn to host and we were excited that they carried on the hayless hayride tradition to drive around admiring the Christmas lights and singing a few carols. 

Our friends hosted their annual Christmas party next, which is always a fun night for the adults.  Then came the ward Christmas party.  I love our activities committee director, she goes all out.  We had a nice sit down dinner and a cute play.  Kylie was thrilled to be a part of it and was convinced that it brought her one step closer to stardom.  I love that they got to sit on Santa's lap and we didn't have to wait in the etermal line at the mall.  I thought Maddox would be scared, but he loved "Wonton Clause", as he calls him. Very appropriate for a chinese boy.  After he was done he climbed back up for a second round on his lap.  Careful Santa, don't get that drool all over your gloves.

Then came our neighborhood Progressive night, which is really a "get progressively drunk" night.  Each house serves a different holiday cocktail with sparkling cider and hot chocolate for the mormons.  After 7 houses everyone was getting a little tipsy and I just had to pee like crazy.  It's always fun getting together with the neighbors, we really have lucked out to have such a tight knit group and such friendly neighbors.  Then we had our visiting teaching Christmas brunch with our ladies, which was fun and made me think we should do that every month. Then came the class parties and the small investment in store bought cookies, treats, book exchanges and teacher gifts.  I was glad I got a chance to help out, it's always fun seeing them at school and watching them interact with their friends.  Jayden is a show off and loves to make his friends laugh.  Kylie is progressively becoming a big flirt (I have no idea where she gets that from) and I am progressively getting more worried. Finally we had our annual neighborhood caroling night.  I have to admit that we (Jason especially) don't always look forward to this event (I still can't decide who feels more awkward, the people doing the caroling or the people standing awkwardly at the door), but once we go it always ends up being fun.  Kylie takes her singing quite seriously and is always in the front of the pack with her song sheet ready.  So cute. I love Christmas.  Sometimes the craziness gets the best of me and I am feeling anything but the Christmas spirit, but I still love it.
The last week of school is always a chaotic one but I was determined to knock off as much as I could from my to do list before the break.  I managed to get the neighbor treats, Christmas cards, shopping, hat orders and all that other fun stuff done so that we can just hang out and relax during the break.  And we have done just that. (well, except for Jason who has taken 2 weeks off and instead of laying around being lazy he has a to-do list a mile long.  It makes me feel guilty, but I love having a clean garage and having everything checked off my honey do list, dang his ambition.)


Julie said...

Hey I want a Christmas card!!! Maybe next year I'll send you one too! I am seriously so bad about that! Cute pictures! Makes me sad to see Kylie and Marlee together! Noel should be there too! Miss you guys and glad to see all is well! How are you feeling BTW?

Scott and Nicole said...

Ok, I thought we were part of the Minority??? Looks like fun.

nicole said...

it's the people getting sung to. it's the worst. I know the carolers are trying to do a good deed, but I wish they'd skip our house :) I haven't talked to you in a while, so I hope everything's going well for you guys!

Jodee said...

wonton clause is the best! that is one of those things they say that you never want to correct.
Merry Christmas Young family! We miss you guys!