Friday, October 29, 2010

Another happy procrastination Halloween

I do this every year. I wait until the last minute to cram in all the Halloween festivities and it always makes for a fun, but crazy weekend (the fact that it's almost Thanksgiving and I am still not caught up on Halloween in no way implies that I am a procrastinator.  In my defense, the power cord on my laptop started a small electrical fire and now I am at the mercy of Jason and his work computer). I end up scrounging for costumes and driving to 10 different stores to find the right sizes. I actually did get the pumpkins just in time before all the stores ran out, but couldn't find time to carve them, so a half hour before the first trick or treaters come a knockin' I've got the kids sticking in plastic body parts and calling it good. The only thing I didn't procrastinate doing was buying the candy, which was a big mistake since I ended up eating half of it all by myself.  The traditional pumpkin patch visit isn't always so traditional (after our one time splurge to Schenpf farms we haven't found a good pumpkin patch that isn't equivalent to the cost of a weeks worth of groceries), but when we do go, it's the typical Young style and added to the the festive overload weekend to do list.  This year was no different, except that we found a new place that we love. At five bucks a pop and a whole lot of fun, Vertuccio farms was the winner. We had just enough time after soccer games and before the ward trunk or treat to squeeze in a couple of hours and we we are so glad that we did.

Maddox would have been content as can be doing this the entire time

Jayden found his calling in life and would have been content doing this the whole time too (I was just worried that he and Jason were going to get kicked out for playing bumper cars with them)

You don't think she is permanantly scarred from the alligator episode do you? I didn't know a little jump from a little donkey could get such a big reaction.

and then came the corn maze.....

Busy day, serious fun.


Jodee said...

I love the sun, shorts and flip flops at the pumpkin patch... only in AZ! Cute pics, you are gettin' good my friend!

Janessa said...

Yay! I'm glad you're up and running (kind of). Fun to get caught up on your Halloween fun. You got so many super cute pictures! I love the ones of Maddox on Kylie's back. What a sweet sister. Where are the pirate costume pictures? I'm excited to see them. I'll bet they're super cute!

Pays said...

It throws me off to see you guys in flip flops and shorts walking through the corn maze. Definitely different than our falls here!

Chelsea said...

yay! glad you liked it, who needs Schnef's? Good idea to go during the day so you can actually get decent shots without red eyes and random orbs floating around. shiz.