Saturday, October 30, 2010


 So here are my pirates in all their glory.  Kylie's turned out better than expected for a last minute Goodwill ensemble (apparently the size 10, only-girl-pirate-costume-left-in-the-entire-state-of-Arizona wasn't good enough), Jayden's was a true day before Halloween treasure and Maddox's definatley looks like the bottom of the barrel with the skull adorning crotch.  Oh well, it's a good thing they're already so cute to start with.  As for the real fun, I am so sad that they have dissolved all the activity committees (I'm assuming that's church wide, unless we're just extra righteous in Arizona and get special instructions), because our new activity chairperson is awesome and pulled off such a fun trunk or treat.  Carnival games, costume parade, chili cook off and more sugar than we knew what to do with....

This was the only time I saw Kylie the entire night.  Since when did she become too cool to hang out with mom and dad? (sniff).

Maddox made sure to eat a well rounded meal of donuts, cupcakes and candy, totally refusing to even taste the chili. Can you really blame him?

 Jayden wasn't too hard to keep track of, I just had to check the lines for the games.  The competitive blood runs deep in the Young family and this kid made it his personal mission to win every single game that night.  I swear he spent an hour at the cake walk before scoring a cupcake. And the sad thing is, he doesn't really even like cupcakes.
and since he hadn't met his sugar quota for the day, Maddox and his little lady friend, Ava, hid behind the cars to inhale as much candy as they could before getting caught.  Jayden may get his competitive edge from Jason, but Maddox definately inherited my sweet tooth.


Janessa said...

I LOVE the pirate costumes! The skull crotch is awesome! I'm glad you had such a fun night. I love Jayden's competative nature. I'm glad he finally got a give to his mom??? That last picture of Maddox and his "lady friend" is so cute. Totally busted!

Jodee said...

Jayden and his competitiveness cracks me up. Such a fun party you all had! I love the pirate theme, you did great!

Chelsea said...

lol! dying over the skeleton adorned crotch!!!!