Saturday, October 16, 2010


I don't know how Jason and I managed to escape the dating scene at BYU without even one game of miniature golf in the whole 8 months we dated. To make up for lost time we took the kids to Hawaiian Rumble and had a friendly little game. Even after spending four days straight at amusement parks we were somehow able to find enough energy to squeeze in some fun in the evening, and I'm glad we did. Besides mini golfing we also went swimming at the fun pool at the hotel and spent one evening strolling through Downtown Disney, which has the funnest stores and such a great vibe.  Anyways, I'm too tired to write more, besides that it was fun.


Janessa said...

Man, you guys take your mini golf seriously. I love that first picture! They've totally got their game faces on. I think I'd be tempted to go back to the hotel and crash. You guys are so great to get out and enjoy the night life too!

Jodee said...

DD is the best. I totally didn't have high expectations for that place but it was fun. I am glad you guys are starting to catch up on your mini golf, you owe it to yourselves ;)