Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sea World, Orlando

For two days we oohed and awed at the animals. 

 We (as in Jason, Kylie and Jayden. Me, Maddox, my camera and my hair were a safe distance away) were splashed by Shamu. We were sad that the trainers no longer swam around diving off Shamu's nose since the death of the trainer here in Orlando. Instead they kept their distance behind metal bars. It just wasn't the same, but they are still amazing animals to watch (although secretly we felt guilty admitting that the dolphin show was better).

 We were amazed seeing the dolphins up close, but were sad that the sting ray and starfish hands-on exhibit was closed.

 We watched Maddox run around like a wild banshee.  Which made me wish I had one of those kid leashes that I swore I would never buy. When he wasn't running around, he was begging to go on the rides. Give this boy a dirday tate and carousel ride and he's the happiest birthday boy around. (I still can't light a candle inthe house without him pulling a chair up to the counter, singing happy birthday to himself before blowing it out).

We cooled off from the 90 degree so called "fall" weather.

And then came the rides.....Jayden begged Jason to take him on Journey to Atlantis. He hated it the first time but we somehow convinced him (with some kind of bribery I'm sure) to go a second time with Kylie.  Obviously, they both hated it.

 So they ended up riding the Shamu Express approximately 63 times.

 And then we all got a chuckle while Jason got sick on the Jazzy Jellies.

So I got suckered into going on the Swishy Fishys and was feeling pretty good about myself that I held my own on a toddler ride.

And then karma came back to bite me. After seeing how excited Maddox was when Jason took him on Ocean Commotion, I decided to step up my game and take them all again.

 It all started out like peaches and cream...  

 but somewhere between the spinning and the tilting it hit me. While Jayden was zoned out like he was at Woodstock, I was busy having my own little panic attack because I started feeling sick and I couldn't get off.  Of course I got no sympathy from Jason who was laughing while he took about 25 pictures of me looking like I am about to yak. Oh well, what goes around comes around. I love my children, but not enough to ever step foot in a spinny ride again.


Michelle Y. said...
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Jodee said...

that picture of them on the scary ride is so great. I feel bad but it totally makes me laugh. Love the second to last one too, karma...

Chelsea said...

aw, def not the same since the trainer was killed. Note to self, of course that was my favorite show ever. :( but it did look like it had a lot more rides than San Diego!

Your pics are so awesome Jamie! That's it, T1-3 or whatever the heck its called is on my official radar.

Janessa said...

SO many great pictures!!! Kylie's face on the "scary" ride cracks me up. But your face probably made me laugh more. Sorry. I'm laughing with you, right? The cutest picture has to be of Maddox with his hair running wild. Love that boy!

Julie said...

Talk about party!!! You guys are such awesome parents!! You go on more vacation with your kids and I love it!!

Those pictures are hilarious!! The ones of you getting sick remind me of us! It takes everything to hold in puking your guts out on those rides! I am glad Maddox had a great "dirday"! Miss you guys!
Tell Kylie that Noelle says hi!!

nicole said...

I love Kylie's scared face. Did you tell her about the log flume at Six Flags? When you were 17 and singing "I am a Child of God?" :)

Pays said...

Thanks for the good laughs!!