Friday, October 15, 2010

Busch Gardens

There's not a whole lot to say besides that the two days we spent at Busch Gardens were fun and exhausting.  Maddox loved the log flume, until the end.  So sad (and funny) to see his smile change.  Obviously Kylie hasn't gotten over her fear of big drops.  I told her I usually hold my breath and clench my teeth.  She did just that. 

The log flume wasn't a big hit and Thunder River still made Jayden nervous

But they discovered the mother of all rollercoasters when it came to the Scorpion.  The loops didn't bother them, as long as there were no drops they were good and begged to go on it over and over and over....

Maddox thought the 4D movie was so cool, until the water squirted all over his face and the whole theater could hear him scream.

The "melmo" sightings made up for it. He was in a trance watching all the Sesame Street characters.

And then there was the swing episode. He was on his third round of the swings and excited for it to start again when we noticed a questionable puddle forming under his swing. Oh crap. Yeah, he was the kid who peed his pants and made everyone get off the ride and made all the kids waiting in line cry because they had to shut down the ride. I was too emberassed and made Jason go get him off the swing. He had already soaked through his diaper and the only back up I had was his swimsuit (so he was already looking a little homely).  Apparently all the right parts didn't get tucked into the diaper when I changed it. . 
  So now he looked like White/Chinese trash in its finest.  Life's good when running around in public in a diaper is the least of your concerns


Janessa said...

I'm lovin' the White/Chinese trash. TOO cute!!! How funny that your kid shut down the whole ride. Ha, ha, ha! The sequence pictures are SO great! I'm loving the zoom lense action.

Jodee said...

Wow, you guys theme parked it up! What a fun vacay for them! Ya, gotta tuck in those "parts"! You are too funny.

Pays said...

Oh the joys of motherhood!! :)