Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Just say yes

The thing I love about summer is that it gives me the freedom to say yes. Yes to staying up past bedtime to watch a movie. Yes to stopping for ice cream. Yes to staying in pajamas all day. Yes to hanging out with friends on a weeknight. Yes to late night swimming. Yes to a donut run for breakfast. Yes to reading an extra book at bedtime. Yes to building forts. Yes to cold cereal for dinner. And tonight it was yes to an epic water fight. Our home teachers are the best and never forget a birthday. They brought by some water balloons for Ryder's birthday as we were just finishing up family home evening and getting ready for bed. I had so much packing to do before we headed out the next morning so I was hesitant when he asked if he could fill up "just a few". Of course just a few is never just a few. Before long it evolved to include the hose and buckets and moved from the back yard to the cul de sac and before long Jason was using the neighbor's hoses to fill up buckets. Oh man, it was epic. We ended the night with swimming under the stars and all agreed it was the best family night ever. 

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