Thursday, June 01, 2017

A weekend in Utah

Jason's niece was getting married in Utah. We debated on taking the whole family up, with school and work it would be such a quick trip, we would spend almost as much time driving as we would there. Of course we were glad we decided to all go, I knew we would be. Before we even stopped to see family we had to first walk (and roll down) the hallowed ground of our alma mater. 

We went in for chocolate covered cinnamon bears and walked out with $68 worth of merchandise. #victims. But they do look cute reppin' the Y.

After spending a small fortune on t-shirts, we decided Costco was right up our dinner budget alley. Pizza, hot dogs and secret handshakes. It was quite entertaining.

I tried to crop out Jason who was teasing me about taking Pepsi pictures for the Foap missions. Hardy har har.  Sometimes we have fun together.

We met up with family and took these photos that have been 10 years in the making. Every time we get together Andrea reminds us that it has been 10 years since the last time we got a family picture. Glad we could finally make it happen. I can't believe how grown up all these cute cousins are.

We stayed at my Grandma and Aunt Angel's house, which is always a treat to see them. We didn't get to spend nearly enough time with them, but it was just long enough to learn about an upcoming engagement, hear a few family history stories, play with cousins and hog all their fidget spinners. The wedding was beautiful, I'll save all those photos for it's own post, but these in between moments were just as memorable.

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