Thursday, June 22, 2017

Camping at the lake

Summer officially starts with our annual camping trip at the lake (that and when I no longer have to spend the evenings packing 5 different lunches- one turkey provolone on a sub, one chunky pb&j, one creamy pb&j, one turkey cheddar on sliced bread with the crust cut off, and one plain jelly cut into fourths-sheesh). I love the memories we make on the lake, but the camping trip always adds a little extra somethin' somethin'. It's so much work packing everything and hauling it in the boat to the campsite, but there's something special about watching the sun set as the water turns to glass and the roar of boat engines has quieted, the glow of the fire, sticky hands from smore's, tents illuminated with lanterns, slipping comfy pajamas over windblown hair and tan lines, sleeping under the stars with the waves gently rolling on the shore then waking up to get the first run of the day as the sun comes up. Only this time the silent night air kept getting interrupted with shouting matches over pillows, missing shirts and who had the unfortunate fate of sleeping in the small crevis between the air mattresses. We also missed out on the first run of the day. We camped on the beach instead of the dock and were aware that the water level drops at night when they release water from the dam, we just didn't know how much it would go down. The boat was completely stuck on shore. We rocked and pushed that boat until our hands were raw. And then we sat and ate powdered donuts and capri suns watching everyone else enjoy their first run of the day. Eventually an hour and a few prayers later a wave came by and the water level rose just enough to get it back in the water. And we were off for another day on the lake with some friends we had invited. Unfortunately Kylie had dance friday evening and saturday morning so she stayed the night with friends. I got a text at 2 am asking if she could dye her hair, so I'm pretty confident she more fun than she did sleep. 




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