Thursday, June 08, 2017

All Grown Up

It's always fun having an excuse to hang out with family, this time the excuse was in the form of my brother graduating from dental school. It was a jam packed weekend with graduation, the lake, lots of family meals, lots of golf cart rides (backwards through the taco bell drive through nonetheless), lots of swimming, lots of games, lots of late nights, lots of laughter and lots of cousin time.

Kylie didn't get a yearbook (she claims it's because we were too cheap, I claim that I don't remember seeing an order form. She was probably right), so instead her friends signed her arms. In permanent marker. And then we wonder why my cute niece Claire came out with marker all over her body.

Spent all evening gathering ingredients and making a backyard salad. Nothing better than imagination at it's finest.

This spoke to my ovaries. Don't worry, it was just a whisper. But we all loved snuggling up with our newest niece.

I think one of Kylie's favorite memories of the weekend was going shopping with grandma and her cousins. I got a text from her saying, "I've never seen this side of grandma!". She let loose and even bought them all matching swimsuits. Such a fun memory for them.

Maddox, always on the hunt for creatures

I love seeing my brothers as dads. Who knew they had such a soft sensitive side? It's the sweetest.

I hope they always remember this day with their cousins. I think they will.

Chances are with this many kids one of them is bound to be caught with their finger up their nose.

These two are the cutest. My brother's family lived with us for a month while he was on rotations for medical school. It is one of my fondest memories. These two were just toddlers then but I'm convinced it bonded them for life.

Cutest little squish.

A few of these pictures I got from my sister, love the water war she captured between Ricky and Ryder, and grandma getting snuggles.

We had a little celebration for my mom's 60th birthday, the real party will be in a few months when we go on a girl's cruise!




So proud of these two goobers. I tell them all the time that it's so hard to take them seriously as a doctor and dentist when they make jokes about magic noodles and half their wardrobe consists of camo. But in all seriousness, I really am proud of the hard work they've put into getting to where they are in life. They've grown into incredible men.

But I still can't take them all too serious. Love this big, crazy, loud family of mine!

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