Thursday, May 05, 2016

The good life

Sometimes when you're in the middle of a moment you don't realize just how incredible that moment is until you look back on it. Other times when you're in the moment you recognize what a gift it is, you know it's one you'll look back on fondly and have an ache in your heart to revisit. I had one of those moments today. The whole day was perfect, of course most days on the lake are, but that evening as we drifted along the calm water I couldn't stop myself from inhaling it all in. Ryder wrapped in a towel on my lap drifting to sleep, the silence broken only by the occasional chatter of kids and One Republic singing anthems in the background, the smell of sunscreen mixed with salt and vinegar Pringles, the sun sinking slowly in the sky revealing saguaro silhouettes and cotton candy skies. I knew it was a moment I wanted to seal up and file away somewhere between rocking newborns in the still of the night, the anxious grasp of a tiny hand on the first day of school and all those years of belly laughs. This moment belongs right there with all my other favorites. 

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