Sunday, May 15, 2016

Last of the Kiwis

Like "Last of the Mohicans", except they're Kiwis. I have to admit, I was a little nervous to entertain two teenage boys for a month. We had some fun trips planned during spring break and the weekends, but once the kids went to school and Jason went to work it was just me and my to-do list. Definitely nothing glamorous and exciting about that. But I quickly learned that these boys are pretty fun to have around.  Tagging along to Costco, volunteering with me at the boy's school, grocery shopping, football practice, mutual nights, preschool pick up...they were good sports, and got quite a kick out of embarrassing me in public (and embarrassing Kylie at the bus stop). We had some fun outings and memories too, Basha pool, bowling, Bahama Bucks, the Soda Shop, baptisms at the temple, sunday evening family bike rides, lunch outings, Just Dance competitions with Kylie, going to the movies (Jungle Book for the win!) and shopping trips to the mall. It also helped that we have some cute girls here that helped to entertain them too! They really were fun to have around, always respectful and always quick to pitch in and help out. 

the face swap app is so entertaining and so creepy!

I keep finding photos like this on my phone!

They were originally going to stay for a month, but decided they couldn't leave before going to prom. They asked two of my favorite girls and had a great time, getting the full American experience!

It was a family effort getting them ready. Helping them plan their day date, haircuts, tie and suit shopping, I altered Shay's pants (which was quite entertaining), Jason ironed their suits, Kylie and Jason attempted to help with their hair, then I took their pictures. They had a great time and it was fun being a part of it.

It was sad to say goodbye, especially not knowing when we'll see them again. We made some great memories over the past 7 weeks. One day I was talking with Ryder about how many kids are in our family, he was quick to include Jake and Shay. They will always be a part of our family and are leaving behind a kiwi shaped hole in our hearts!

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