Thursday, May 05, 2016

Bieber Fever take II

Four years ago we went to the Justin Bieber concert. He was hot stuff back then, but we've been fair weather fans ever since as he took has fall from grace. He's slowly cleaning up his act and Kylie especially has reignited her love for JB. I was just excited for an excuse to spend the night singing at the top of my lungs with my girl. It was a great concert, minus the episodes of lip syncing. And I really just wanted to cut his hair and give him a wardrobe makeover, but besides that, it was a great night. Of course any night spent with this girl always is. 


Marie Kemling said...

So nice a girls' night out. I try not to like him but he does have some catchy songs. I remember listening to something recently and I thought I like this song and lo and behold it's JB. You're right why is he wearing a plaid dress!

Ali said...

Love the comment re the wardrobe and haircut. Yes to all that. As for you, you're looking as young and excited as any other teenage girl… and it gets me thinking, yes once again!, I bet you're one helluva awesome mum to your kids.