Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Take me back to Tulum

Ugg. If my inner history nerd and intense love of beautiful beaches were to have a love child, Tulum would be it. This is the only known Mayan city built on the coast and was an important seaport for trading jade and turquoise. I soaked up all the historical ancient Mayan ruins, especially the insight given by our very knowledgeable tour guide with Alma's LDS tours. I love how he tied the Book of Mormon into the history of this region, showing proof of Christianity in the carvings and stories. Showing references made in the Book of Mormon to things such as an expansive "highway" connecting ruins hundreds of miles apart that was recently uncovered. Something that Joseph Smith as a 14 year old uneducated boy would have had no knowledge about unless the Book of Mormon and the translation of it was divine. This experience really helped strengthen my testimony of that. I soaked up the information about their calendar system, sundials, the way they studied the solar system and used the moon to determine when to plant crops. It was all so intriguing. But besides the fascinating history and culture, the setting was nothing short of dreamy. Nestled high on a cliff surrounded by pristine white sandy beaches and the warm Caribbean water, it's no wonder this spot was reserved only for the very elite and is considered a treasure of the ancient Mayan world. Loved spending the day exploring this area. We started out with Jason adding his commentary to the tour. Never a dull moment when this guy is around.

This cut out was used to track the sun. I can't remember all the details of this one in particular, but I think the sun shines directly through that hole only once a year. On April 6, a significant date in Christian history.

This carving is "the god descending", found on several temples around Tulum and Coba.

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