Friday, December 11, 2015

Little swimmer

Kylie cried through every single swimming lesson, even when her teacher would drop licorice on the steps for her to dive for. We hired a private instructor to come to our house for Jayden, which my neighbor began questioning me about a young guy who showed up regularly when Jason was at work. Finally Jason decided he could do a better job at teaching them to swim, and he never quits once he puts his mind to something. He taught Maddox to swim before he turned three and was convinced he would have Ryder swimming by the end of summer. I was a little apprehensive considering Ryder didn't have much experience in the water in NZ, and he would cry if his face got splashed.  But Jason didn't give up and after plenty of tears, patience, determination and bribes we now have another swimmer! And he's pretty dang proud of himself. Ryder, not Jason. Well, Jason too. 

Maddox played the role of the proud big brother and documented every moment with no less than 536 photos on the underwater camera. He specializes in close ups of belly buttons.

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Janessa said...

I love that all your kids are fish! Jason does such a good job at teaching them. I wish we lived close enough to hire him to teach our little ones too! That picture of them hugging is so sweet! And Maddox, oh Maddox! He is just too cute for words!!!