Tuesday, December 01, 2015

 Thirty five

My birthday came and went. It also just so happened to be the first day of preschool for Ryder. A couple hours of clothes shopping with the girls was a birthday gift in and of itself. I was showered with phone calls, texts, messages, treats and gifts, I felt so loved. We went to Sweet Tomatoes with the whole family for dinner, my request, which I had slight regrets about.

My birthday was simple, sweet and just the way I wanted it. And then my sister goes and makes it even better. She ordered a half dozen of The Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes from Texas and had my sister in law deliver them. It was such an unexpected, thoughtful and delicious surprise. We divided all of them up so we could sample some of each. If I were smart, I would have saved them all for myself :). Grateful for another year and the wonderful memories that filled it.

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Janessa said...

I just love you to pieces!! Glad you had a wonderful birthday and enjoyed the cupcakes :)