Friday, December 11, 2015


Jayden turned 2 the weekend we moved into this house. I never thought we would be here long enough to celebrate his 11th birthday, but here we are! His birthday was filled with a donut breakfast, lunch date to Burger King, donuts for his class, new soccer equipment, Basha pool with friends, roast dinner with family and an oreo cake for dessert. Nothing too extravagant, but per typical Jayden he thought it was the best birthday ever. That is one of the hundreds of reasons why I love this boy. He is so low maintenance and always shows excitement and gratitude for the small things. Ramen noodles for dinner warrents a bear hug, an extra 15 minutes of electronics time and I've made his entire day. So grateful to have him in our family, Maddox and Ryder look up to him so much and they take it as the biggest compliment ever when he says they're his best friends. He continues to amaze me the way he has settled right into school without skipping a beat. He has been at school only a few weeks but has already made great friends, won his teacher over, earned nothing less than an A on every assignement and has volunteered to try new things this year like playing the trombone in band, joining Battle of the Books and running for student council. I continually admire his drive and determination, and love when he turns on the charm! Happy birthday, Jayden, we love you!!!

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Janessa said...

Happy birthday Jayden! He is one rad kid and is going to go places in life. I love him to pieces and feel blessed to be his aunt! On a side note, I can't believe you've lived there so long!