Friday, December 11, 2015

Life's better at the lake 

It's no secret, one of the things we missed most from home was long summer days spent on the lake. Wind blown hair, pringles crumbs and red vines, sun kissed shoulders, waves rocking little ones to sleep in the crook of my arm, hot sticky skin sticking to vinyl seats, hot wind like a blow dryer in your face, cold lake water that manages to take your breath away with the first jump, gatorades in the cooler, water rolling off sun screened backs, the 90's dance mix getting drown out by cheers, squeals and nostalgic. We hope to get another boat again, but for now we are so excited to have new neighbors move in that we absolutely adore and who just so happen to have a boat. We loved spending a warm summer evening out on the lake with them and look forward to many more days like this in the future!


Ali said...

Wonderful joy flowing through this post, my friend. Good! How it should be :-)

Janessa said...

Okay, my desires for Christmas are gone now. Give me some summer lovin! That looks like a perfect day at the lake. Just where you guys belong. I hope Jason finds a boat soon so you can get back out there!