Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life lessons learned from a Sunday night home video viewing

*people age in 13 years.  Like alot
*those early years were just a glorified game of playing house
*cargo pants are not a flattering look.  Especially when it's a staple in both his and hers closets
*contrary to popular belief, kitchens can be decorated with something other than sunflowers
*"smokey eyes" does not mean a thick layer of dark shadow all the way up to your brow bone
*overalls should never come back in style, no matter how comfortable they are during pregnancy
*never allow video taping while opening gifts, it elicits the need to act overly excited about pillows and picture frames
*baby gap is generally not considered a high end clothing store
*Kiddie Kandids is generally not considered a high end photo studio
*is it offensive when your husband raves about how nice you used to be?
*ratting your hair is not a religion and should not be treated as such. In addition, there is a maximum height restriction that should be strictly observed
*Never buy used couches from a male apartment complex remodel.  As in never.  No matter how cheap they are
*child birth really does widen your hips
*it is not necessary to document on tape every ride at Disneyland, and especially not the shuttle bus driver and neighboring passengers. 
*the Disneyland over taping discussion may still be a sore spot in your marriage, even after 13 years
*avoid making innuendos and inappropriate comments while video taping during your honeymoon because some day your kids will be watching it and you will have a lot of explaining to do
*never say on tape that you really hope your first born is a boy when you do not know the sex of your unborn baby
*it is not required to flash your bare pregnant belly to the camera, even if it is your firstborn
*be careful what you say, because one day you will look back on these times and be equally emberassed.


Michelle Y. said...

So funny Jamie! I love your blog. Oh yes, I wore the overalls during pregnancy too, they were so in style or we wouldn't have worn them :) Love the comment about Baby Gap too, they seemed so high end when we were right out of college :)

Chelsea said...

laughing so hard at all of these!!!!!!!!!!!! you are hilarious my friend. And baby gap was totally THE top of the line. And overalls are a sore spot in my mind all together. Especially when I wore them home from the hospital with Brayden and had a million pictures take of me in a WHEELCHAIR in OVERALLS with the face of an obese person. Shudder.

Chelsea said...

p.s. I think age has been quite good to you both, but check out that Kylie! was she not the cutest baby ever?!!!

Hollie Hanson said...

Oh my heck this had me laughing so hard! I needed that today :) So thank you!

Janessa said...

LOVE it!!! I am totally cracking up! You nailed it. I want to go watch our old home videos now.