Friday, July 13, 2012


Jayden has been all about the GTL lately.  It started with his tanning obsession, then the other day we're heading out and he struts down the stairs with his hat on backwards, shark tooth necklace and looking for his sunglasses.  He was very disappointed that we didn't own any black leather jackets.  He took his skateboard out for a few rounds and came back dripping in sweat and told me, "don't worry mom, I've still got the moves".  He's also implemented a daily regimen of benching pressing barbie storage bins, trikes and little tyke basketball hoops, mixed in with a little jump roping, kung fu practice on the tramp and anything that will give him bigger muscles.  I finally asked him why he was so worried about this stuff and he looked at me like I was crazy, "Um, you is starting next week and, um, that girl I like might be in my class."  Later we were driving down the road and he spotted a convertible and as an after thought said, "one day I'll have one of those so the girls will like me and the guys will want to be me...."  Oh Jayden, you don't need a leather jacket or bigger muscles to be cool, you're already one of the coolest kids I know.


Tyler and Margaret said...

:) I heart him. I still have the heart rock he gave me. So, I think he hearts me too, especially now that I am not living in his house so there are more leftover nights! :)

Janessa said...

Totally kool! I love that boy too!!! Would he be totally emberassed if his two aunts started a We Heart Jayden club? That probably wouldn't put any cool point in his corner, huh? He is too darn cute!!! I hope that girl notices all his back to school prep.