Thursday, July 26, 2012

Illegal aliens were the other alternative

When we were in Utah Jason was talking to my brother Todd about flying him down to help us replace our disintegrating pool fence (don't get me started) since he's been building fences the past few summers.  When my dad heard them talking he volunteered to come too and make a vacation out of it. Then when my other brother heard, he didn't hesitate to ask if he could join the party, because the thing with these Jolley boys is that they actually think hard work is fun.  We were so grateful for their help and followed through with our promises of a lake trip, swimming, boys night out to see the Dark Knight, steak and so much food that they would have to loosen their belts a notch on their way home. 

Ryder was right at home in Papa's arms.  He reached for him the minute he saw him and rarely left his side.  My heart was sufficiently melted.

(Another thing about us Jolleys is that we have really long toes.  Just take a gander at those beauts) 

We had fun celebrating Todd and Brenton's birthdays while they were here.  I'm sure building a fence in 110 degree weather wasn't quite the glamorous 18th birthday party he had always dreamed of, but being the kind of kid he is, he acted like it was the best weekend ever.  My family is pretty top notch and I can't think of a better way to spend our last weekend of summer.

Maddox was speechless when I found this huge, much-to-my-relief-was-not-a-cockroach, beetle.  He made me research it and found out that it was a Palo Verde beetle and he carried his "pawo berde beetle" around all week and asked me to do a post-mortem photo shoot before we got rid of it.


Kelly said...

I love that picture of your dad on the tube. Your family rocks. Always have.

Janessa said...

That's the thing about those Jolley's, their pretty awesome! Glad you had such a fun weekend with them. I'm totally jealous over here:) The toes crack me up. Troy beats us all out in that department. I love that they boys are all wearing their swimming suits as they fix the fence. That way they can jump in and cool off at a moments notice. Maddox's beetle cracks me up. Love, love, love that boy! You get big time mommy points for that one!

Chelsea said...

awesome, love it all, especially the pic of your dad on the tube. And the toes. HA. What a good family you have! such nice brothers to think hard work is fun! and to be so un-divaish about his 18th b-day! I bet he did think it was everything he dreamed of, what a sweet guy. Love his hair too. Cute.

Chelsea said...

and BARF to the beetle, but I agree, nothing is really worse than a cockroach. Besides a scorpion but for totally different reasons.