Saturday, July 14, 2012

the good news is, google told me I'm not going to die of lip cancer

Our first week of summer was the stuff that dreams and Disney movies are made of.  Then we had some pretty awesome vacations.  And then I assumed I could take the rest of the summer off, but kids don't seem to work that way.  So here we, sweaty, bored and grumpy.  And then I come down with this lip condition.  For the past month or so my lips have been burning, red and raw.  It hurts to eat and the Harkins popcorn that is my reward for taking the kids to the summer movies is now out of the question.  What's a girl to do?  I am constantly lubing up with petroleum jelly but it just keeps getting worse.  I've had so much sun damage done to my lips that I was convinced I had lip cancer. I would lay in bed wondering what I'd look like with my lips amputated, and that I really should start on those video logs for my kids to watch after I'm gone.  I finally got the courage to google it, and much to my relief discovered that it was most likely an allergic reaction. Or diabetes. Or an STD.  I went with my gut on that one and decided it had to be an allergy.  One chat board mentioned an allergy to petroleum jelly and suggested trying Aquaphor instead.  I tried it and I feel like a new woman.  I am so happy to have my lips back.  And to not be dying of cancer.  So, this past week I had my lips on fire, a canker sore the size of a moon crater, and a constant pain in my neck and shoulder from what I am certain is a torn muscle from wakeboarding (hypocandriach, say whaaat?).  Soooooo....I decided chronic pain makes me irritable so that mixed with the already touchy mood in the Young household has made for a less than stellar mom performance this week.  I decided we needed to get out of the house (and not to wal-mart with all 4 kids again. shudder. no never again) and bowling it was.  It was just the remedy, the kids (and I) had a great time.  Jayden was so sweet to always help Maddox and didn't get {too} mad when he lost, which is saying alot for a kid with such a competitive nature. After such a fun day, I didn't feel quite so guilty that we went home and watched tv the entire rest of the day.

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Janessa said...

Well I'm very glad it's not cancer and that it was such an easy fix. Good thing you got up the courage to google it. What a miserable weeek. Poor Jame! The end is in sight though. You've made so many awesome summer memories with your kiddos. They will start school tomorrow with visions of their picture perfect summer dancing in their heads. And if they happen to forget any of it, they can turn to the blog book:)