Sunday, July 29, 2012

Crap projects

Maddox is obsessed with craft projects.  Every day he wakes up with a new "crap project" in mind.  And they're sometimes pretty elaborate...bow and arrows, tinker toy Christmas trees, tinker toy electric scooters, fishing poles, numchucks, a family portrait of turtles, a campsite made out of legos, a paper rocket, a horse and carriage for his pillow pets, and that crown was loads of fun to make at 6:45 am on a summer morning when I had to color the entire thing with yellow crayon since crowns have to be made of gold (Kylie, bless her heart, glued on all the jewels).  I wonder if he dreams them up at night or where he gets his ideas (and if he can't think of any ideas he breathes down my neck while we scour pinterest), but today's agenda consisted of "painting the whole earf with a rainbow on it".  So we did just that. 

and then after I painted the entire earth and half the rainbow he paints two strips and collapses in a heap, "this crap project is taking all my breaf away".  Which is usually how all crap projects go down.

Afterwards we had to refuel our energy with homemade bread and honey butter, which the mere thought makes my eyes roll to the back of my head.  I told him it was heaven and after a minute he said, "I'm eating heaven. I guess Jesus lives in the oven."  He's quite an entertaining little pal to have around these days.


Kelly said...

"Jesus lives in the oven!" Love it. Priceless.

nicole said...

I know I haven't commented on here in forever, but I LOVE your blog. I laughed so hard picturing you thinking you had lip cancer. I do crap like that all the time to myself. A couple weeks ago I didn't talk to Jonny for 24 hours (he's in Thailand still) and I convinced myself he got in a motorcycle accident and I started planning my life as a single mom. What is wrong with us?

Janessa said...

First of all, that boy just melts my heart right down to the core! His ideas and cute way of sayin things is just too much. He is going to have one lucky wife someday with his love of all things crafty. You are such a good and patient mom to go along with all of his crap projects. How could you say no though, right? Second, I am totally laughing at Nicole's comment. I guess we're not the only ones, right Jame. I don't know how many times I've planned out the last days and/or funerals for my family. Just a little paranoid???

Chelsea said...

haha! oh he is hilarious. Reminds me of many days with Kosty when he would wake up with exact ideas in his head about things to glue on paper and booby traps filling the house. I love good imaginations like theirs! I'm dying over his comments too. What a crack up.