Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthday interview


food: Ramen noodles and Veggie Straws
TV show: Scooby doo
game: UNO
toy: Pirates of the Carribean Wii game, legos and Monkey Quest on the computer
thing to do with the family: go to the movies
thing about being 6: going on mommy and daddy dates
thing about being 7: not being the youngest in my class
book: Star wars
best friends: Jax, Tanner Y., Tanner M., Reed, Kosty, Josh, Ethan, Sam, Alizain and Landon ("do I have to say my family?" "yes" "okay, my family too")
what you want to be when you grow up: a policeman, but not an astronaut because I might shoot past the moon and get lost in space forever

A few of my favorites about Jayden is that he never steps on a crack because he doesn't want to break my back. He has strategies for everything, like only picking girls during heads up 7up, because he knows they won't guess him.  He makes friends by showing them his white eyes. He can build anything with legos. He thinks breadsticks are better than ice cream. He has gotten 100% on every spelling and phonogram test in the past 2 years. He loves leftover night because he can pick anything he wants for dinner. He learned to tie his shoes. He is so responsible with his homework, bedtime and getting ready in the mornings. He would do anything for a bribe. He can be such a sweet gentleman to me. He plays so cute with Maddox and Kylie (when he wants too :). You are such a special boy, Jayden and we're so happy you're in our family! Happy 7th birthday!


Janessa said...

Love the b-day interviews! My favorite comments are about the family being his friend and his reason for not being and atstronaut. Love that boy! Happy birthday Jayden!!!

Tyson and Dawn Jolley said...

7 Already?! Holy cow tell that boy to slow down! He sure is quite the cutie in this picture...I can only imagine what his life will be like when he turns 16 and can date :)
Happy Birthday Jayden!

Jodee said...

Ew, veggie straws? Jayden, those are just gross, especially the stinky ones that make your breath smell super bad! But besides that, you are one adorable kid and so smart! ps, I think breadsticks are better than ice cream too ;)