Thursday, December 29, 2016

 Little things

Just tying up a few loose ends and documenting a few more moments before this year comes to an end. Jayden had a scout campout, "campout" meaning they slept in tents in his leader's back yard. But they did have tin foil dinner and a 5 am mountain biking trip that he LOVED. He also ran into Maddox who was out there doing a hike for his day camp. I'm not the best scout mom, but I do love that it keeps them busy doing positive activities.

At his first court of honor we didn't realize parents were supposed to go, so he received all sorts of merit badges with no one there to cheer him on. Jason and I were sure to both be there for this one. We're proud of the hard work and time he has put into earning merit badges.

We had a 5 am temple trip for the youth, meaning we had to wake up at 4:30, which was a real trial of faith. But as always, it's a great way to start the day.

Jason and I had a chance to go to the temple the next day for our stake temple day, in preparation for a special stake conference where we were lucky enough to hear from Elder Russell M Nelson. Unfortunately Ryder was up all night with an ear infection so I stayed home with him, but it was a very memorable experience for Jason and the other kids to be in the presence of a general authority. Jason did voice record his talk so that I could listen to it later because he's thoughtful like that.

 Maddox had a field trip to the butterfly museum that he had been looking forward to all year. We were both sad that my name didn't get drawn to be a chaperone, but he was sure to tell me every detail when he got home. He insisted on wearing a bright colored shirt so that it would attract the most butterflies.

A beautiful setting sun while driving Jayden to a birthday party. We hit rush hour and ended up being in the car for about an hour and the little guys cried because I made them walk in with me in their pajamas, but at least we had a beautiful sky.

Maddox joined the ortho club and got his first phase braces and expander. Besides the fact that we're spending a small fortune on teeth these few years, I don't like how grown up they make him look. He also cried the first time I had to turn the expander and it broke my heart. But he will have such a handsome smile when it's all done. 

The only perk to driving zero hour carpool is that it forces me to get to the gym early and I'm rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. It seriously kills me getting out of bed when it's still dark outside, I don't know how Kylie does it every day!

Jayden took a polar plunge at his friend's birthday party, crazy boys. I was waiting for him to get sick because of it, but thankfully we dodged that bullet and he had a great time.

I love how much time the boys spend outside these days. They went to the park down the street with friends when I looked out the window and saw a torrential down pour. I hopped in the car to do rescue them but they refused to get a ride, they were having the best time riding around in the rain, it made me smile. 

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