Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Right of passage

Years ago Jason decided that when the boys turn 12 he wanted them to watch their first priesthood session of general conference in the conference center, so that's just what he did with Jayden this year and it was such a memorable experience. Of course they had to fit in a BYU game while they were up there and it ended up being another nail biting finish but they took the win and it was an awesome game to be there for, especially with 2nd row seats. 

Jason wasn't able to get tickets to the conference session before he went up, all the ones given to our stake had been taken. He was hoping he could get some from the stand by line, but even arriving a few hours early only guaranteed him a 50/50 chance and Jason wasn't about to gamble when this was the main reason they came on this trip. I love when Jason puts his mind to something he doesn't stop. He resorted to carrying around a sign asking for tickets. He may have looked like a homeless man asking for a handout, but it worked and they got in. The following Sunday Jayden chose to bear his testimony and talked about how he thought the BYU game would be the highlight of the weekend, but when he was at the conference center and was able to feel the spirit so strong when the prophet walked in, he knew immediately that would be the highlight. So grateful that he was able to experience this and so grateful for Jason for being such a wonderful Dad to provide him with this opportunity. Jayden really is such a good kid with his heart in the right place, he's going to do great things with his life, I just know it.

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