Thursday, September 29, 2016

Soccer mom

Life is busy. Some days I feel like I'm getting pulled in ten different directions. But for some odd reason, that I can't explain, I sorta like it. Sometimes. I love when the kids are involved in something productive, developing talents other than harvesting Redstone on Minecraft. But sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming when my calendar looks like this (not listed, the 3 separate trips to the store, the YW lesson planned, the dinner date with Kylie and the Chickfila boys night out):  

But seeing these cute faces running their little hearts out on the soccer field makes it all worth it. Especially when they hike their shorts up past their belly buttons and score a goal at their first game. Level of mom pride up to my eyeballs. He is so cute I could eat him. 

Maddox took these next pictures at his second game, I was impressed with his photo skills and he was over the moon excited to be the official game photographer. Ryder scored 2 1/2 goals (it was a joint effort on one of them). He is hilarious to watch play, he tends to forget that this is a team sport and instead tries to steal the ball from anybody and everybody.

And it seems like just yesterday it was Jayden out there running his little legs back and forth, and now his long legs stride effortlessly across the field, scoring the first goal of the game. It's always fun watching him play. Yes, these moments are most definitely worth all the crazy.

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