Sunday, September 25, 2016

The evolution of canning

I have been canning food for years. I have been canning food with a baby strapped to my chest for years. I have been canning food with a baby strapped to my chest, toddlers and toys under foot and the house in utter chaos for years. I have really been looking forward to finally being able to can some fruit in a quiet house, getting lost in my own thoughts and enjoying the therapeutic monotony. The only problem is that the peaches were beyond ripe on Saturday and couldn't wait a few more days. So there I was once again pulling out the glass jars and preparing for a long day of canning with kids. But this time was different. This time instead of getting in the way, these boys were the biggest help. And I don't mean biggest help as in, "biggest help". They really helped speed it up and I loved hanging out with them in the kitchen. Maddox was on blanching and peeling duty, Ryder was on slicing duty (after some serious safety talks) and I was just there to manage it all.  They seriously thought it was the best way ever to spend a day.  And so did I. Maddox wore nothing but a sulu and apron, while Ryder exclaimed, "everybody wishes they had a kid like us". This is the level of awesome I'm dealing with here. These boys are just too much.

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Ali said...

So lovely! I love these very homey activities. They are "old fashioned" in that our grandmothers did them, but they are so real and healthy and sensible and non-wasting and satisfying. Love the kids' comment: "everybody wishes they had a kid like us"… indeed!